Sample HIPPS systems


The Piramoon Pardezesh Qeshm, with its specialized technical team and with the cooperation of the European accredited techinicians, offers engineering services (integrations), supply and manufactures complete HIPPS systems.


 Piramoon Pardezsh Qeshm HIPPS Systems related articles:

 Perpetration and scheduling engineering process, manufacturing, testing, and commissioning

  • Design, supply of the pressure sensors, and on – off valves.
  • Procurement and goods supply
  • Programming of Logic Solver
  • Factory testing, and shipping
  • Commissioning, training, and after sales services


HIPPS systems multifarious divisions and detailed operation:

 Scheduling and timing of engineering process:

 Full design process, purchasing, manufacturing and commissioning with its exquisite programming using PRIMAVERA and MSP software.

Expenses and costs is controlled with uninterrupted supervision through the project manager.


Pressure sensors, and on – off valves selection:

 Our seasoned experts, zooming on the project’s standards select the specific parts of the precision measuring for each project.


 Procurement and supply of goods:

The procurement and goods supply, is done through local and international HIPPS Systems.


Logic Solver programming:

 The Piramoon Pardazesh Qeshm, possesses programming experts according to SIL2, and SLI3 control systems, for the HIPPS, ESD, GS, and BMS. 



Factory Tests and shipping:

 The Factory Acceptance Test according to FAT Procedures is performed at the European sites and at the Qeshm facility.

Perpetration, shipping process, is done at the Qeshm facility.


 Commissioning, Training, and after Sale services:

 Comprehensive commissioning, training, services, and maintenance is practicable at the Qeshm facility.

The repair and maintenance crew are trained at the accredited European workshops, and have become superb trainers for our company.

In case of needs, the training process would be done through our European counter parts.






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