Sample Absorber with removable cartridges

Absorber with removable cartridges


Helpful hints for purification success:
● Keep number of fittings in gas line to a minimum
● Install purifiers in a convenient location close to the GC
● Use purifier log books to determine maintenance and cartridge replacement schedules
● Use indicating traps closest to the GC so you can determine when to change the traps that are upstream.
Impure gases can cause installation delays, premature analyzer failure, and flawed results. Purification is one of the most important steps you can take to optimize your system performance. PSQ brings the highest performance of gas purifiers to gas chromatographers. We manufacture purifiers in a variety of sizes and configurations to remove oxygen, moisture, and hydrocarbons. Regardless of which purification system is employed, proper installation and maintenance are required to achieve optimal performance. A purifier that is not maintained will eventually expire and become ineffective, or worse, a source of contamination.
Ordering Information and Dimensions
Indicating moisture absorber with adsorbing materials (Molecular Sieve 5Å) which held in a sturdy plexiglass tube is available upon
request. Other indicating absorbers with suitable adsorbing materials available upon request.

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