Sample Ejector Vacuum Generator

Ejector Vacuum Generator





● Vacuum Ejector will improve the effectiveness of cycle purging.
● The Vacuum Ejector will increase the efficiency of the dilution process in purge systems, when the suction connection of the ejector is connected to the outlet of the vent.
● Size range from 1/4" thru 1/2" and stainless steel 316 construction material.
An ejector vacuum generator that uses a fluid to perform the work of pumping another fluid (or solid). The fluid doing the work is termed the motive fluid, and the fluid being pumped is the suction fluid. The motive fluid employed can be liquid, gas or steam. The suction fluid can be liquid, gas or steam. Other names for eductors include jet pumps, ejectors, venture pumps, siphon pumps, steam siphons, and injector pumps. The vacuum is generated by flowing an inert gas thru the ejector body. The gas flow creates a vacuum as it passes thru a venture. The vacuum created is dependent upon the pressure and flow of the gas across the suction connection.
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