About Company

Piramoon Engineering Group would like to extend sincere appreciation for your cooperation with us More than two decades. Piramoon Engineering Group started a venture by establishing the Piramoon Palai Engineering Company in February of 2000, to prologue in starting and developing a reliance complex in the field of process instrumentation, automation, control, analyzer systems, integration, safety and environmental engineering solutions.

With its upscale growth by relying on committed shareholders, and highly qualified and specialized associates, has embraced the addition of Piramoon System Qeshm (PSQ), and Piramoon Pardazesh recently.

Our company , with its commitment, and creative individuals is on the track to sustain its optimal goal  The Piramoon Engineering Group with its fine inventiveness, workmanship has created a trust among the major energy industries in Iran, even though the hardship of economic turbulences in the past decade.

Piramoon palai Engineering 

The Piramoon Palai Engineering, with a profound knowledge of design and engineering concept, to manufacture a high standard analyzer system, signed an OEM agreement with Emerson Process Management GmbH, with an outstanding successful finished projects. We also reached a mutual agreement with Siemens SSK automation & Drives for limited projects.

In 2008, the Piramoon system Qeshm (PSQ), was registered in the Qeshm Free Zone area. The Piramoon System Qeshm was a major addition to our family. The PSQ production line and our commitment to better service our client in a mannerly time has been a huge success for the Piramoon family.

Other major achievement of the quality management system according to the ISO 9001/2008 standards in 2008, ISO/ TS 29001, and PSQ was endorsed by the TUV/ Nord for an outstanding manufacturing site.

Piramoon Pardazesh Inc. is the latest addition to our group in the field of control systems integration, measurement instruments, control valves, metering systems and software developments.

Each sector adhere its own endowment to maximize its services within the respected fields.

Our superb products and services by utilizing immaculate workmanship, and proficiency have sketched the template for our growth plan.  Empowered engineering, sustainable growth, reliable warranty and services, and our client’s trust has helped us to be a unique company.

This empowered capability has become a life line of the diligence and assiduity of the shareholders and employees, and client’s confidence.

Piramoon Engineering group is dedicated to restless work and ever growing pattern to make us a confident and Credence Company.


Process Analysis

  • Meticulously Design   
  • Agile manufacturing
  • Vigorous Integration
  • Inclusive Services


Control and Instrumentation

  • Boundless industry knowledge
  • Proficient design
  • Optimized business solutions
  • Expertise information
  • Optimal project comprehensive system          


Environmental Protection

  • Monitoring systems
  • Energy efficiency systems
  • Preventive solutions
  • Peculiar consulting