Sample Design and construction of battery racks


Piramoon Palai Engineering Company, with 20 years of experience in various industries such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, and refineries, takes steps towards advancing the country's industrial goals by providing suitable solutions and services. This company, through the implementation of an integrated IMS quality management system, applies:

- Quality management standards based on ISO 9001:2015
- Specific quality management standards for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries ISO/TS 29001:2020
- Environmental management quality standards ISO 14001:2015
- Safety and occupational health management system standards ISO 45001:2018

The company strives to provide optimal services to various industries in the country. It also facilitates factory inspections to ensure the quality and accuracy of the provided goods for its customers, which is one of the unique services the company offers.



Topics of industrial battery training:


Fundamental structure and formulation

Introduction to different types of acid/alkaline cells and internal structure

Battery selection and influencing factors

Safety issues and awareness of potential risks

Safety equipment

Transportation and installation

Charging methods during operation

Charge float

Charge boost

Charge equalizer

Initial charge

Charge preparation

Capacity testing and factors affecting capacity calculation

Preventive maintenance and environmental factors

System troubleshooting

Fault troubleshooting

Charger settings and environmental factors

Operational constraints and factors reducing capacity and service life

Maintenance records

Battery installation and commissioning services

Cell installation and arrangement

Series connection of cell strings and polarity check

Visual inspection and inspection of installation and connection details and power test

Fastening screws

Cable routing for cell connection to the charger

Electrolyte injection




Design and construction of battery racks

Piramoon Palai  Engineering Company provides all services related to the design, construction, and installation of various types of industrial battery racks. These racks are earthquake-resistant, vibration-resistant, corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, and can be installed in various weather conditions. They are designed and built according to the latest international standards.

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