Sample Heat tracing cables


Param Palai Engineering Company, with continuous efforts and spending many hours in frequent meetings, succeeded in receiving exclusive representation from this company.
One of the important reasons for the cooperation of Param Palai Engineering Company with Korea EHT Company is innovation, design and construction as well as providing appropriate energy solutions. In addition to electricity-based energy conservation solutions, this company also produces significant steam-based products, which are mentioned below:

Steam Line Solutions
• Pre-Insulated Tube (PIT)
• Tube Tracer Light Steam & Heavy Steam
• Tube Tracer Self-regulating & Power Limiting
• Pre-Insulated Pipe (PIP)

Heat tracing cables and accessories produced in EHT company are as follows:

1- Self Regulating Heating Cable
2- MI Cable (Mineral Insulated heating Cable with gland)
3- STH Cable (Series Heat Tracing system)
4- LSTH Cable (Long line Series Heat Tracing system)
5- Power Connection Kit
6- Power control unit
7- Junction Box
8- Panel/LCP
9- Signal Light Termination Kit
10- Thermostat Controller

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